Healthcare providers are facing unprecedented challenges with the shift to electronic records and accountable care. Issues to address include coordinating care, engaging patients and leveraging technology to remain competitive and in business. Medi-EHR is perfectly positioned to help healthcare organizations thrive in this environment, with a powerful Orcale system for both the clinical and financial solutions you need today as well as the advanced requirements you?ll need in the future.

Medi-EHR's scope of products, along with the highest service and support available , is unrivaled in the industry. Medi-EHR as a single partner for success in meeting all of your healthcare organization's clinical and business needs.


Medi-EHR is an electronic record of patient health information generated by encounters in any care delivery setting. Included in this information are patient demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data and radiology reports. Medi-EHR automates and streamlines your workflow. Medi-EHR has the ability to generate a complete record of your encounter - as well as supporting other care-related activities directly or indirectly via interface - including evidence-based decision support, quality management, and outcomes reporting. Read More

Practice Management

Medi-EHR's web based PMS handles your electronic claims, ERA's, direct billing, co-pays process, co-insurance, and generate reports such as insurance and patient aging which detail unpaid claims and patient balances. Medi-EHR also includes features to assisting in managing the daily operations of your practice. This includes scheduling, medical records or imaging capabilities, advanced revenue management, patient correspondence. Medi-EHR’s Web-based PMS provides you with frequent updates as well a backup system that stores your data for instant retrieval . Read More


Medi-EHR’s is directly Surescripts Certified. Medi-EHR’s E-prescribing supports a shift to a paperless and more informed way for prescribers, to make better clinical decisions and improve clinical workflows related to medication management. Medi-EHR Reduces Healthcare Costs, Improves Patient Safety, and Increases Efficiency. Medi-EHR E-Prescriptions arrive directly in the pharmacy's computer system. Since the prescriber has better information available at the time of prescribing, there is a lower chance that a call back to the practice will be needed to clarify prescription information. Read More

Patient Portal

Medi-EHR Patient Web Portal enhances and speeds up doctor and patient communications. The Patient Information Portal allows doctors and patients to interact electronically in a secure environment. This can save doctors, their administrative staffs, and patients, hours in returned phone calls and playing telephone tag for communicating simple things to patients. It also allows the patient to access see their own private set of documents including labs and diagnostics, receive automatic health maintenance reminders, perform online scheduling,and fill out forms and questionnaires.. Read More

Health information exchange

Medi-EMR Health Information Exchange systems facilitate the efforts of physicians and clinicians to meet high standards of patient care through electronic participation in a patient's continuity of care with multiple providers. Medi-EMR provides the capability to electronically move clinical information among disparate health care information systems while maintaining the meaning of the information being exchanged. Read More