Health information exchange

MediEMr Health Information Exchange systems facilitate the efforts of physicians and clinicians to meet high standards of patient care through electronic participation in a patient's continuity of care with multiple providers. MediEMr provides the capability to electronically move clinical information among disparate health care information systems while maintaining the meaning of the information being exchanged. The goal of MediEMR is to facilitate access to and retrieval of clinical data to provide safer and more timely, efficient, effective, and equitable patient-centered care. HIE is also useful to public health authorities to assist in analyses of the health of the population.

A secure data exchange that stores and exchanges complete records of patients, It allows to exchange information with practices using EHRs outside the MediEMR Healthcare enterprise to easily exchange community data. Our Relation with community is different.



  • Easy exchange of data for all community participants, including practices with non- MediEMR/ EHRs or none at all.
  • A single-point connection, eliminating the need for point-to-point interfaces, to share lab or test results, ER visits, referrals, medications, allergies, and more, in real time.
  • The ability to access – within workflow – only the patient information needed or new to the record